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  • Are YOU searching for...
  •  Growth in Your Child's Skills: You are paying for skill progression for your child... are you receiving it? We do everything in our power to ensure your child is receiving the best instruction and guidance through his/her skill progressions! 
  •  Stronger more Confident Child: Physical strength, balance, flexibility and coordination are key benefits of Gymnastics but a sense of Strong Self Confidence can be the most important benefit that your child will receive! Being made stronger through constant tearing down and never praised is the quickest way to lose confidence not gain it! We teach athletes to work hard and earn achievements through self motivation and coach guidance. This is the formula for a more Confident Athlete! 
  •  Safe and Exciting Atmosphere: We provide a safe environment that doesn't move students on before they are physically or mentally ready. We have fun but we stress the importance of hard work. 
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Looking for a FRESH, NEW and EXCITING Gymnastics Program? 
Xcel 360 is Proud to Present...
  • Great Student/Coach Relationships: Lifetime Bonds are developed with athletes and parents! 
  •   REAL Instruction: NO MORE paying money to gyms who just go through the motions but show no results. I bet you know what I mean... Fancy Gym but no real instruction going on. At SPIRE you will receive REAL Instruction from QUALIFIED and CARING Coaches! 
  •   Successful Background: Director Avry Weinstein has coached many athletes over the past 7 years of her coaching career! She is a very knowledgeable and caring coach that takes the time to give each child the individual attention they deserve! Owner/Founder Chris Highbrown has over 28 Years of Gymnastics experience and carries a number of regional and state championship titles! 
"We are starting small and growing the program from the ground up! You could be part of the foundation of this amazing new program! 
We are onto something great and I know you will see it too!
 I Believe 100% in our ability to grow the Gymnastics Program to unbelievable heights just like our other programs at Xcel 360! 
We are beyond EXCITED to be a part of the Spire Gymnastics Launch!"

~Coach Chris Highbrown - Founder/ CEO Xcel 360
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